Navratra Hindu Festival Health Friendly Recipes

Festivals square measure designed in such some way that individuals tend to binge and continue degustation on festivities for days at a stretch. however have you ever ever thought that to your dismay, the balance would possibly suggest to you being a bit overweight post the celebration amount.

And in any case, what’s the purpose if you’ve got to slog your approach towards obtaining back in shape? you’ve got an associate choice of keeping calorie accumulation cornered even whereas you consume rich-in-taste sort of food.

So, we tend to bring around you one such instruction which can slow down calories by making a negative calorie impact.

Co-founding father of restaurant Amaltas, Dietician, Himanshu Kapoor provides out a secret calorie cutter instruction – Chilla product of buckwheat flour or kuttu atta.


Buckwheat flour or kuttu Hindu deity atta.

  • 1 grated radish.
  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt.
  • Water
  • Salt or vrat salt.
  • Green Chilies.


  • Make a batter by intermixture buckwheat flour with water and yogurt.
  • Add salt as per style.
  • Then add grated radish to that.
  • Pour the batter on a non-stick pan and unfold it even as you are doing after you build a dosa.
  • Flip it over once it’s medium from one facet.
  • You can serve the chilla with either curd or tomato Indian relish.

Himanshu Kapoor says, “Chilla ready with buckwheat flour could be a nice choice as a result of in preparation we tend to add radish. Radish is high in fiber content and tends to make negative calories within the body.”

So, if this chilla will take calories off and removed from you for days following Navratras, why not provides it a try? Celebrate Navratras with this chilla instruction to start with as a result of it’s not solely a lip-smacking instruction however nutritive too. you’ll conjointly build dosa with buckwheat flour.